Dinfinity is a grassroots social experiment that started in Pittsburgh, PA. The objective is to bring together a group of individuals with no prior introduction to share a meal, interact, have fun, and contribute to a great cause.

At the dinner, the host will collect $1 from each guest to be donated to Dinfinity and the funds will be distributed on July 1, 2014 to non-profit and community groups in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

In turn, each guest is asked to host his/her own dinner the next month with new guests who will also donate and go on to host their own—an infinite number of dinner guests brought together from one simple idea!

Host Your Own Dinfinity



Round up a group individuals that you think are great and invite them to dinner. The idea is to bring together people who are awesome but don't know each other very well to encourage new relationships.



You can host your Dinfinity at a restaurant, have a potluck or picnic, or cook at your place. You can choose to invite any number of guests, although we feel that 8-12 people is an ideal size so everyone can interact. Be sure to take a picture of your guests and add it to the Dinfinity Facebook group.



Tell everyone in your group to bring a dollar bill to the dinner to be donated. As the host, collect the dollars and submit the total sum donation with your credit card through the Dinfinity website before the night is over.



Ask your guests to commit to hosting a dinner of their own within the next month. Share this website so they have clear instructions on how to host their own event. Add your guests to the Dinfinity Facebook group and join the community.

Want to host more than one Dinfinity? Go for it. Host as many as you would like.

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Seal the deal and make a donation!